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  The art of weaving carpets and kilims is a cultural treasure which through its designs and colours, transmits the feelings of Anatolian people to the next generations.And it has been an honour for us to be contributing to this treasure for more than 45 years.

  Our firm,established in 1975, has been since then involved in exporting and importing both antique,old and new carpets/kilims as well as producing the new ones.With its rich collection of carpets/,kilims and regular organization of auctions, it has also become the centre of expertise and information about the oriental carpets and kilims.

  Our stock of carpets and kilims is wide enough to cover all kinds of orders.So, we can proudly say that so far we have been able to provide for any kind of order and have always been concerned about the quality.As seen in the web site, any kind of Anatolian, Persian, Turkoman, Afghan, Caucasian, Chinese, Nepalli, Carpet and Kilims of any size is avaible in our stocks and depending on the capacity of the order they can be produced without any delay.

  We have also presented in our gallery and in our web site some of the unique and invaluable samples of the 18 th. And 19 th. century works.

  The point Uçan Halı Ltd.Co. emphasizes most is the fact that weaving carpets is an authentic art which carries the old traditions to the present. In our gallery & web site you  shall  have the chance to see that our unique collection of hand woven carpets and kilims are created by skilled hands and they are in fact, masterpieces of Anatolian, Turkmenian, Afghan, Caucasian, Persian Carpets and Kilims.